Scelo Kunene Agricare


In a mission to establish and develop the Scelo Kunene Agricare Model Farm, we had to approach Traditional Leadership through which we were able to apply to Ingonyama Trust for a manageable land site to start the programme. In October 2014 the local iNkosi of eZembeni Traditional Authority officially demarcated the land for SK Agricare Model Farm establishment: 

The universe listens, and we believe our prayers were heard because suddenly from nowhere there was a strong feeling that something good was about to happen, and , Amen!!!.. water just dropped from the heavens onto the farm and we called it Miracle. Waters: had to devise means of harvesting this renewable natural resource.  

The first SK Agricare Model Farm Open day was focussed on knowledge sharing of Zone one and two development:

The second open day at the SK Agricare Model Farm coincided with Heritage Day celebrations and was also utilised to mobilise more participants to be part of the CHABUTHI Farms programme:

The fourth SK Agricare Model Farm Open Day:

Knowledge sharing at events is another tool we utilise to mobilise agripreneurs and agri-processors to participate in CHABUTHI Farms programme: